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Cross-Cultural Understanding & International Business Orientation

In today’s global economy, every business faces cultural challenges.  Whether it’s the diversity of your customer base, your employees, or where your products and services are created or sold, there's an impact on you when different cultures interact. 

Our choice of clothing, food and religion  are a few of the more obvious ways in which cultures can differ.  But how we interpret what others say, how we analyze and problem solve, what we consider funny, offensive, meaningful or valuable – these are also examples of ways in which cultural differences can be reflected.

Diversity that comes from cultural differences, if understood and managed properly, leads to innovative thinking.  But you can’t ignore that when different cultures - each with its own values and interpretations pulling in different directions - need to work together as a team, the mix of cultures can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication, and possibly to conflict.

If handled properly, cultural differences can have an overwhelmingly positive impact.  The most productive approach for reaching that result is to anticipate cultural challenges and offer specialized training that you make into a critical part of your success strategy.

BGC, in collaboration with one of our expert partners, offers a variety of cross cultural understanding and international business orientation solutions to help you harness the power and creativity that diversity and cultural differences present.  Whether you want to train managers and employees about cultural awareness in the workplace or help individuals or teams learn to how to navigate in the specific cultures in which they need to operate, BGC can assist. 

Below is a partial list of cultural course titles just to give you an idea of the types of training we can offer.  If you don’t see the title you want, contact BGC to discuss your needs. There are more cross-cultural/diversity courses available and we can create new ones to suit your specific objectives. 

Some course titles include: 

The courses are created and led by trainers with advanced degrees in their given field.  Most all of them have extensive experience living abroad and had to learn for themselves how to adapt to different cultures.  And all of them are familiar with the corporate environment and have experience working with and/or supervising international staff.   Time and attention are given to identifying the right trainer for each program. 

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