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Training & Development Solutions – Overview

Employees at all levels are expected to do more with less time, money and resources.  But you still have to be sure they have the information and skills they need to support their future success, and yours.  If you don’t have the talent you need, turnover rates will increase and recruitment and retention costs will go up.

The solution is well-rounded training and development programs that are cost effective, practical and relevant.  Challenging business times are precisely when need to be sure you’re cultivating your most important asset, your employees.

Whether you know which programs you want, or you need assistance to identify effective solutions, BGC can help. 

Training Solutions: BGC offers training solutions in the following areas:

If you don’t see the precise title you need, BGC can create customized programs. We can also revise the programs to include other subject matter or to make them appropriate for any audience you want to address.  Or, if you prefer, we can create train-the-trainer programs so your own experts deliver the content to your workforce.

Needs Assessment and Program Design:  BGC’s goals are the same as yours: providing development and training programs to motivate your workforce, improve performance and minimize overall risk. BGC can:

  • Assess your current training and development offerings and identify successes/gaps relative to your needs and objectives
  • Identify cost effective delivery media so you get the most out of every training dollar spent
  • Create targeted training and development programs, project manage external program development and create/oversee implementation programs
  • Assemble and manage teams of other needs assessment experts, instructional designers, subject matter experts, and trainers
  • Identify other specialty vendors; collaborate with them on overall program design and implementation

Delivery Media:  Courses are designed for live delivery or, working with your in-house experts or BGC’s own instructional designers and subject matter experts, can be created for effective e-learning or blended-media learning experiences. Regardless of delivery media, the course work is practical, usable, innovative, interactive and engaging. BGC specializes in breaking down complex issues into understandable concepts that can be applied on a day-to-day basis at work.  And the materials can be customized to your policies, practices, culture, industry and the locations in which you operate.

Continuing Education Credit:  Many licensed and certificated professionals are required to take continuing education to maintain their active status.  BGC's courses have been certified in the past (on request of specific clients) to fulfill continuing education requirements in a variety of fields, such as accounting and human resources. We’re pleased to discuss your particular certification needs.

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