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Use the Resources Library to access over 50 articles written by Barrie Gross about human capital management issues. It's for managers, supervisors, individual contributors at a manager level and HR professionals who want to learn about a topic for the first time, read about best practices, or stay aware of the latest developments.

Click on the topic categories below or on the left to find articles by subject matter, or click here to go to the table of contents. (The articles aren't intended as legal advice. Consult with your own attorney if you have legal questions or need assistance with specific situations.  Also note: the library has links to other websites that BGC does not control.)

Recruiting & Hiring
Laying the foundation for the success or failure of employment relationships begins during recruiting.  Learn more about diversifying your candidate pools, hiring well, the proper use of employment applications, at will employment, effective offer letters, new hire packages, tips for orienting new hires, and much more. See articles list >

Performance Management
People management is the hardest part of any job. If done effectively, it will give you the highest return on your investment. The articles in this section address different aspects of people management, from how to assess performance issues and write performance reviews, to how to document performance and use email when managing employees. See articles list >

Discrimination & Harassment
There are hundreds of federal, state and local employment related laws. Discrimination and harassment are just two of the subject areas but they are highly complex topics and create substantial challenges for managers/ supervisors on a daily basis. The articles in this section review different aspects of discrimination and harassment and some of the critical issues you should know about.  See articles list >

Employee Relations & Best Practices
Managers and supervisors confront a variety of people management and administrative issues every day.  The articles in this section help orient you to some of the situations and topics you may encounter, such as privacy issues, ethics, tips for first time managers, termination risks, handling manager desk files, telecommuting, and more. See articles list >

Wage & Hour
Wages and work conditions are highly regulated areas that raise complex issues. This section has articles about specific wage and hour topics, whether you need to know more about compensatory time off, working with contractors, severance pay or paid family leave. See articles list >

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