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Firm Profile

BGC is unique.  After more than 15 years as an employment law attorney, Barrie founded BGC to meet demands for more cost effective HR solutions that are sensitive to business needs, support ongoing workforce development, and follow sound risk management practices.

Our Clients.  Many of our clients are small to mid-size companies without the time or internal resources to focus on cutting edge talent management strategies.   Working with BGC, they’ve been able to institute HR-related initiatives and development programs that improve managerial skills, enhance employment relationships, and minimize risk,  even without a big company budget.

Our Approach.  BGC spends time learning about your specific issues, goals, priorities, work environment and company culture.   After all, context is everything and best practices are not always one size fits all.  With BGC, you get customized consulting services and training solutions that are practical, capable of immediate application and linked to your strategic plans.

Our Solutions.  A commitment to creating continual learning opportunities, along with a sophisticated approach to human resources and training strategies, are the most effective management tools available.  With BGC and our network of business partners, you get the precise expertise you need and  effective solutions that are created with you in mind.

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