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Continuing Education for HR Professionals

HR professionals are in a unique position in any organization because of the extremely broad range of knowledge they're supposed to bring to the table.  Their strategic and tactical work touches on almost every aspect of your business.  Yet most organizations leave HR professionals to their own devices when it comes to training, even for those who hold HRCI certifications (like PHR, SPHR and PGHR credentials) that are for the benefit of the business. 
Your HR teams are committed to offering cutting edge talent management strategies.  But they need your support to remain current on human capital issues, developments and trends, HR challenges and solutions, and relevant laws and legal issues.  With BGC's assistance, you can meet all these needs with a variety of cost-effective approaches.

BGC offers many different HR professional training opportunities in several different media (live or customized webinar, e-learning, blended learning experiences).  A partial list includes:

  • Quarterly/ annual reviews of significant changes in employment laws and important legal decisions interpreting those laws, along with exercises for applying the information learned
  • HR round tables with facilitated conversation about hot topics  and ideas for overcoming the challenges presented
  • Practical application workshops – participants work through case scenarios and hypotheticals to keep their analytical and problem resolution skills honed   
  • Specialized seminars on topics such as:
    • Designing and Conducting Internal Investigations
    • At Will Employment and How to Design Consistent HR Policies and Practices
    • At Will Employment and Advising Managers on Performance Management 
    • Responding to EEOC Charges
    • Considering Reasonable Accommodations
    • Handling Complaints on Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination
    • How to Work with In-house and Outside Employment Counsel
    • Discipline and Best Practices
    • Performance Management
    • Termination and Best Practices
    • Best Practices for Documentation
    • Maintaining HR and Manager Desk Files
    • Best Practices for Drafting HR Policies
    • HR and the Use of Email
    • HR's Role in Litigation Holds
    • Electronic Discovery and HR

These are just a few of the possibilities.  And depending on the particular program, BGC will work with you to apply for continuing education credit by HRCI.  (We can also do this for our other courses, if HR professionals are going to attend.) 

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